How to cure kidney infection without medicines?

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Published: 27th January 2011
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As the title said, this article is to provide information about how to cure kidney infection without medicines. Read on this article if want to know how to cure kidney infection.

Kidney infection is the worst form of bladder infection. In fact, what happens is first bladder infection occurs, which later on gets spread to the kidney causing kidney infection. Every human being must know the importance of kidneys in body. Kidneys work as filter for our body; therefore, helps ejaculating acids and harmful salts out from our body through urine. Imagine if any kind of serious problem occurs to kidney then how difficult it will be to live. Therefore, kidney infection cannot be taken lightly.

In medical terminology, kidney infection is also called pyelonephritis, which is caused by bacteria that reaches to kidney after infecting the bladder. Hereon, you shall understand that keeping bladder bacteria free can keep you away from kidney infection. And to keep bladder ailment free, keeping urinary tract clean is must. Now, when you have come to know the reason behind kidney infection, let us list the symptoms of kidney infection so that you can identify it at earlier stage:

Pain on either one or both side of the kidneys

Burning sensation while passing urine

Sometimes, you may feel foul smell of urine

Kidney infection may also lead into frequent urination

You may feel cool and feverish too

These are the symptoms that indicate kidney infection. However, to make it sure, if you have kidney infection or not you shall go for urine test and if the report is positive only then treatment is required. Doctor often gives antibiotics to treat kidney infection whereas in some serious cases their way of treatment is different. Here in this article we provide information on how to cure kidney infection without medicine. Yes, it is possible to cure this ailment without medicines i.e. with home remedies but that will be beneficial only at the earlier stage of the problem. Mentioned below are the tips that help curing kidney infection:

Drink as much as water is possible.

Stop drinking tea, coffee, and other beverages rather than start taking fruit juices.

Drink cranberry juice the most preferred and recommended home remedy to cure kidney infection.

Drink water mixed with lemon juice.

You should understand that kidney infection could be serious; therefore, before it comes to you try to keep the urinary tract clean and moist free. Females are mostly known to have this disease. Therefore, it is suggested to female to wear cotton panties.


With over 15 years of experience in different branches of medical science, Tamim Ahmad regularly writes on various diseases and their possible treatments. More info about kidney infections and bladder infection

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